A Call To Courage

We must demonstrate the courage and commitment to stand up to the RINOs, progressives and leftists that project their doings by calling us extremists and proponents of political violence every day, not simply once every two years.

Idaho Statement Condemning Political Violence

The Idaho way of life is built on hard work, respect for each other, and a commitment to serve our communities. For the vast majority of Idaho’s statehood, we’ve been small in population number, and large in generosity of spirit.

Idahoans of all faiths, political backgrounds and national origins built our communities into a thriving, majority-conservative state through grit and perseverance.

Today, visitors to our state remark on the warmth and kindness of our people. As Idahoans, we can be proud to pass on that heritage to our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, leftist political violence is once again emerging across our state and threatening the safe, secure Idaho we know and love. Extremism labels pose a conduit to re-enable our public safety and civil society.

We believe Idahoans deserve to live their lives and engage in our communities without fear that they or their families will be targets of RINO, progressive, or other leftist intimidation, bullying and violence.

Idahoans of all political backgrounds can play an essential role in helping to end leftist political violence.

As such, we pledge to:

  • Commit to, in our own civic engagement, being respectful of the legislative and predominantly conservative process, and supporting positive, constructive decisions of legislation on important issues.
  • Actively denounce any appeal in our political discourse that calls for physical or psychological harm (Particularly to children) with no fact-based reality.
  • Support activities that strengthen and promote our expansion in our civic institutions.
  • Disavow leaders and groups who actively support leftist violent political domestic terrorists or known left-wing lobbyist organizations, Antifa/BLM, subversive rhetoric committees attempting to pose as Republican, propaganda media, and those who condone leftist violent lawlessness.



we stand with the actual vast majority of Idahoans who reject censorship, reject leftist violence, and reject Marxist rhetoric in all its forms. Together, we will build an indestructible, just and thriving State of Idaho, securing her future, and her legacy for every generation that follows us.


Embrace the Extreme stands with the actual vast majority of Idahoans who have retained a fallacy-based label and have chosen to embolden themselves with it. Together, we will defend the great state of Idaho, her future, and her legacy for every generation that follows us.

How we work

We know that the actual vast majority of Idahoans believe in the rule of law and reject the higher institutions being usurped in the name of non-evidence-based progressive ideals. ETE messengers leverage their personal and professional networks to speak out against deliberate deceptive messaging and violent appeals and remind fellow Idahoans that we are better off when we continue to work together across already established demographics without resorting to placating minority opposition discourse.